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Surprising My Lovely Wife with Designer Sunglasses

My wife never had a really nice pair of sunglasses. She would buy cheap ones at those dollar bargain places. They had plastic frames and plastic lenses. I was not sure about their ability to filter out the UV light when we were on the beach. I told her I wanted to get her a nice pair of designer sunglasses for her beautiful face. No, I did not want to cover up those gorgeous eyes, but I know you need to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight in the summer as well as the winter. Overcast days still have a lot of UV light bouncing around. You need good lenses in quality sunglasses to protect your eyes. Continue reading

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Costume Jewelry

Jewelry is not just a status symbol it is also a lot of fun to wear! Costume jewelry can help you dress up any outfit and it can also help to boost your spirits and make you feel great about yourself. The fact is, a person can never have too much jewelry as there is always an occasion to wear any piece. Whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or something formal you will find that jewelry makes the outfit more fun to wear. Wearing costume jewelry is something that many love to do because it allows for them to dress up their lives in a simple but really fun way.

Rings are a very great type of costume jewelry and right now rings are a very popular way to dress up an outfit in a hurry. Rings are always a lot of fun to wear and they don’t have to be expensive. Today there are rings made with a wide variety of materials such as enamel, plastic, stainless steel, and gemstones that can make a ring look like a million bucks even if it can fit into your budget! Costume jewelry is a great option when you love rings but don’t want to break the bank doing so.

Bracelets and bangles are another great type of costume jewelry that are a lot of fun to wear and can give you the fashionable looks that you are going for. Bracelets and bangles are fun to wear because they can add a bit of color or just a bit of sparkle and shine. If you just want for your outfit to come together in a fun and flirty or finished look, a bangle or a bracelet is a great way to make it happen. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go.

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The Savvy Bride’s Guide to Working a Bridal Show

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Bridal Show season is HERE!

When my husband proposed to me years ago, I so in love and ready to jump into wedding planning with both feet. I immediately purchased every wedding magazine on the racks, and research every show in the city

Months before my wedding my sister and I would attend all of the local bridal shows! I absolutely love walking around drinking champagne trying to decide where I wanted to get married, what the bridesmaids would wear, talking with the DJ’s (I wanted a club atmosphere reception, disco ball, lights and fog!) and entering every contest hoping to win one of those FREE honeymoon trips!

Well I never won a free honeymoon, but I did marry the love of my life! and we had an blast at a local location in California.

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Picking Out the Right Clothing Combination

Clothing is about fashion, but it is also about style and perception. We all want to look good, because the right outfits can express our mood, likes and dislikes, personality as well as a ton of other things. People look at what we wear to determine the kind of people that we are.

The business world is one prime example of how clothing is key to the role you play. This is so important, that money is made and lost based solely on how someone looks when they are in the room.

Adding accessories, like necklaces or earrings can really win over a room. They should be appropriate to the situation that you are dressing for, but if you pick the right combination, the impression that you leave on other people will be memorable.

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